The Art of Biscuit Making

Turkey is renowned for its delicious biscuits, cakes and pastries. Beautiful displays of carefully crafted biscuits adorn the shelves and window displays in the patisseries or 'pastanesi’ as they are called in Turkey. These patisseries can be found on every street corner, usually buzzing with locals enjoying a cake or biscuit along with a cup of Turkish tea (çay) or a Turkish coffee.

Our hand carved biscuit moulds are an example of how traditional hand-craft and baking come together; making ordinary biscuit making into a work of art. Each mould is carefully carved, each one slightly different and with a unique identity of its own.

One of our all time favourite recipes for the biscuit moulds is Tamal Ray’s recipe for chocolate and pistachio macaroons. 

Blissful, chewy macaroons that take only 15 minutes to prep and 10 to cook.

Go to the link here for this delicious recipe;

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