The Turkish Çay (tea) Samovar


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'The Humble Soba'


Tea samovar

Living in Turkey has introduced us to many new and wonderful experiences. One of the highlights has been the discovery of the Turkish Samovar or Çay (tea) Soba. The Turks are an elemental people: they like fire, water and the outdoors, loving nothing more than cooking and picnicking together. All year round you will see Turkish families and their friends in their gardens, by the side of the road, on the beaches and in the mountains, forests and fields cooking and making tea on their Sobas! 

We think the Turkish Soba offers something a bit different to the classic BBQ's or outdoor camping stoves that are commonly used. They have a unique and charming character of their own and are great for camping, allotments, garden parties, picnics, festivals, caravans or simply as a beautiful object in its own right. 'The Humble Soba' sits perfectly in your home or garden: on the patio, in the kitchen or in the lounge by the fireplace, and is always a source of interest and conversation!

The Soba is a simple solid fuel burning stove that you fill with charcoal or wood, ignite and then use to heat water and make hot drinks. The top compartment (water heater) can be removed and the base used to cook on. Alternatively, it can simply be used to keep you warm on cold days and evenings outdoors. The Soba is a fun and simple way to enjoy cooking and making hot drinks outdoors and also providing hot water to wash up with before heading home.

Turkish SobaThe Turkish Soba comes in every design, shape & size you can imagine.  Often cobbled together at home from old chimneys and metal barrels.  Super big soba's are often found in homes, cafes and restaurants...perfect for cooking on, making tea & keeping everyone warm in the winter months. When we lived in Turkey we often headed up into the mountains for snowy walks during  the winter months. After the walk we always headed to one of our favourite cafes, Kirk Pinar for a  cup of Turkish çay (tea) and their famous all day Turkish Breakfast. There was always a big fire roaring in the soba, bread warming on the top and a warm spot perfect for defrosting our cold toes. 
Our love of the Turkish Soba has become  a bit of an obsession to be honest.  Sold on every street corner, markets and hardware stores... it never ceases to amaze us every time we see a new soba on our travels.


Turkish samovar


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