We both have strong values, interests and priorities in our work and home lives. In developing Pazaar its been important not to lose sight of these.
Who we work with, what we sell and how we work is important...


The people we work with & the relationships we develop are at the heart of everything we do. Partnership is what we so love at Pazaar. 


Finding a beautiful product is just the start of the journey; we want to understand it's history, its origin, how it's made and ultimately tell its story...


You know what...our Pazaar products are simply the things we fall in love with in Turkey. We find the best versions of our favourite things, they are tried & tested by us at home & then we decide we love them & simply can't live without them.



We love practical but we also love anything with a unique, interesting & quirky twist. Whether we are working with our makers or chatting to customers, our products & their stories are always a source of interest & conversation.


Pazaar is more than a shop...it's all about our stories & journeys. From three years living in Turkey to life in North Wales... & our big leap into running a business & working for ourselves.


Storytelling connects us with our products, our makers and our customers...

You know what, we simply don't forget a great story.