The Peshtemal, It's Not Just A Towel





Five Uses For Your Peshtemal

...a towel, scarf, throw, baby blanket & rug all rolled into one  

 1. The Towel

Well, need I say more...the peshtemal was where the story of the humble towel all began. The indispensable terry towel that we all know and love, was first brought to the UK from Turkey in the 1850’s by the famous towel company W.M Christy & Sons Ltd. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, they have great absorbing and quick drying qualities and get softer with every wash. Once you start using a peshtemal you will never use a traditional towel again.


Turkish towel

Bath & Hand Towel...Turkish towels not only look beautiful, they are as absorbent as traditional towels, easy to wash and they dry in a flash compared to traditional towels, so you can say goodbye to damp towels hanging in the bathroom for good.

Beach Towel...The ultimate beach towel. They are lightweight, compact and super absorbent. They dry in a flash compared to traditional towels, so you can say goodbye to heavy, damp sandy towels on the beach. Turkish towels have changed the definition of beach towel. A towel that looks beautiful and can also double as a beach dress or sarong.

Yoga Towel ...These 100% cotton towels are perfect for yoga. Made from natural fibres, they have great absorbing and quick drying qualities and get softer with every wash.

Kids Towel...Children love our Turkish towels. They are colourful, soft, and lightweight not to mention they catch the wind perfectly on the beach, when attempting flight, and they dry in flash compared to traditional towels.

Gym & Sports Towel...Whatever your sport, peshtemals make the perfect towel. 100% cotton, lightweight, fast drying and compact. No problem packing the Turkish towel into your sports bag for that trip to the gym before or after work. 

Travel Towel...Fast drying, super compact and lightweight our Turkish towels are perfect for travel. So, whether you are off on a beach holiday, backpacking, camping or caravanning our towels are the towels of choice. No problem packing our peshtemals into your limited luggage space, on average each towel weighs only 250 grams. These are the ultimate travel towel.


2. The Scarf

A scarf, wrap, shawl or sarong all rolled into one, perfect for everyone in the family. Made in 100% cotton, they drape beautifully and come in a range of colours, designs and sizes. The perfect way to finish off your look and a fabulous accessory to partner your outfits for work every day, relaxing at the weekend, keeping warm on cold wintry days, sunny days on the beach or a special party, making it a must have addition to every wardrobe.


Turkish towel


3. The Throw

These 100% Turkish cotton peshtemals work beautifully as throws, perfect for draping over your sofa, armchair or a bed. The beautiful range of colours, designs and weaving textures make them a unique accessory for your home  and with a little bit of creativity and imagination look gorgeous as curtains, drapes, table runners or even wall hangings. 


4. The Baby Blanket

Pure, gentle and soft, our peshtemals are perfect as a baby towel, snug, wrap or lightweight blanket. Made of 100% premium Turkish cotton, all of our towels are of the highest quality and are both durable and soft, the more you wash your peshtemal, the softer it gets!


5. The Rug

Our peshtemals make the perfect travel companion and lightweight rug for days on the beach, backpacking, walking trips and picnics. 100% cotton they are compact and easy to look after; machine washable and quick drying.





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