Care Instructions for Peshtemals

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are giving your Pazaar textile products the tender, loving care they need and deserve.   



We recommend washing your Turkish towel before you use it for the first time. Washing trains the cotton fibres to be more absorbent. Use a gentle machine wash at 30 degrees. Avoid using fabric softener as this will reduce its absorbency. Your Pazaar Turkish towels will become softer with every wash.

We recommend that you don’t tumble dry them as they are better suited to dry naturally. However, if need be, then they can be tumble dried.


The tassels on the edges of our Turkish towels, blankets, rugs and throws are hand knotted and can occasionally unravel with wear. Simply twist the unravelled threads in a clockwise motion and re-knot them.

Sometimes the threads on your Turkish towels, blankets, rugs and throws pull, usually as a result of it catching on something. This can leave a loose loop of thread on the fabric.


The good news is...there is a solution!

Step 1. Locate the pull

Step 2. Follow the pulled thread to the tassel knot and untie the tassel

Step 3. Now, find the loop in the thread that has pulled and using a needle (rounded end is best) gently lift and pull the loop along the length of the weave till you reach the edge / tassel 

Step 4. By carefully lifting and pulling the loose loop, it will eventually pull flat

Step 5. Now re-twist and knot the tassel threads


    If the loop is very small you can gently stretch & pull the fabric on either side of the loop. Repeatedly giving it firm small tugs around the pull will straighten the threads & remove the loop.