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A summer weekend at Salusbury Sunday Market in London & our Bubble Towels & Olive Oil Soap have achieved a little bit of notoriety. They are now featured in Collagerie ! Lucinda Chambers, one of the founders, wrote asking if she could feature our Bubble towels on her website.  We are feeling pretty chuffed to be honest. 

"I bought your Bubble Towels in the market from Christa’s stall and was asking her about them!  I love them..... and so she told me a bit about your story and so couldn’t wait to pop them on out website. I’m so glad that they resonated with our audience! So they should, they are fabulous! Best wishes, Lucinda "


Collagerie is a shopping platform that is the brainchild of London-based editors Lucinda Chambers (above left) and Serena Hood (above right). Their aim: to demystify fashion. Collagerie showcases a highly curated selection of products at just about every price point, along with styling advice, fashion stories meant to inspire ideas about how to wear what you’ve bought and, perhaps most crucially, instill the sense that the slog of sifting through everything has already been done for you.

Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood have shaped the face of fashion and inspired the wardrobes of millions of women.

As Fashion Director of British Vogue for 25 years, Lucinda has extensive experience directing fashion’s most memorable shoots. She has also worked as a creative consultant and stylist across high street and luxury, from Prada and Marni to H&M, River Island and Warehouse.

As former Executive Fashion Director at British Vogue, Serena has created sold out events and written countless style and fashion edits for Vogue magazine and various media sites. She has also worked for Vogue US, Giorgio Armani and Marc Jacobs.

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