Pazaar now has a 'bricks & mortar' shop in Porthmadog

Pazaar & Friends 

We have had an online presence through our Pazaar website since 2019 and last year we had the opportunity to open a 'bricks & mortar' shop, Pazaar & Friends in Porthmadog, North Wales. The shop is our Turkish Bazaar in the heart of Snowdonia, featuring all the things we love from our time living in Turkey.

Alongside our Turkish products we have invited our favourite local artists, designers and craft makers from where we now live in North Wales and beyond  to work collaboratively with us. We love weaving together the maker stories  from Turkey, North Wales and beyond & we think the combination of products just work beautifully together.  


What we love about running a shop.

The shop model we have developed is a model where some of our local makers do days for space and others sell with us on a commission basis . The ‘days for space’ model means that we have a lovely mix of makers working in the shop everyday and it’s an opportunity for our customers to meet our makers & often watch them busy making ! They are often busy basket weaving, spinning wool and sketching alongside running the shop 

We love working collaboratively with our local artists, makers and designers . As a small independent businesses none of us could stock a shop on our own, but collectively we can ! Since opening last year our list of local makers has grown from 6 to 23 makers . 

Spending time chatting to our customers is so important and makes our days running a shop so special ! A good day is when we’ve had time to have a good old natter !  We love the exchange of stories …our journey developing Pazaar, our individual maker stories and listening to our local & beyond customer stories about living in or visiting Porthmadog . 

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