Our beautiful Callie Jones print has arrived...


Our new Pazaar print designed and made by local artist Callie Jones has landed with us tonight ... I know it’s late... but just couldn’t resist sharing a sneaky preview ...

Inspired by our trip to the market in Gaziantep last autumn and the village market in Üzümlü where we used to live. We are so grateful to Callie for all her hard work on this print and her wonderful interpretation of all that we love about Turkish markets.

@calliejonesillustrator is well known for her beautiful lino prints depicting the landscapes and sights of North Wales. It’s lovely to see her skills transfer so naturally into something quite new and different for her

The inspiration for Pazaar came from our love of Turkish markets and the name Pazaar comes from the Turkish word Pazar which means market 

As they say in Turkey... Teşekkür ederim Callie x



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