Zincir Blankets and Throws

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Zincir Blankets and Throws

This is our beautiful Zincir blanket in black. A kaleidoscope of contrasting stripes and diamonds, this 100% cotton blanket is woven using at least fifteen different coloured threads. With their prominent black threads interwoven with bright pinks, blues, yellows and greens they have a kind of ‘Liquorice Allsorts’ colour scheme that takes me back to my childhood and Saturday visits to the sweet shop.    

These heavyweight, ethically made blankets or pike (pee-kay) as they are called in Turkey, are handwoven in Buldan on traditional semi-automatic looms and each tassel is carefully hand-tied. Traditional Turkish textile design at its best, they create a contemporary home accessory, perfect as a throw or blanket for beds & sofas or a beach/picnic rug 


So how did we discover the Zincir?

We discovered the beautiful Zincir throws during our first encounter with the weaving and finishing process in Denizli. We followed Zincir's weaving journey through from start to finish with Tayfun and his sister Elcin who showed us round their family business in the village of Buldan. Beginning in the store rooms we saw the reels of beautifully colourful dyed threads stacked high from floor to ceiling. Then onto the weaving rooms; a hive of activity and the rhythmic noise of the shuttles and machinery of the semi-automatic looms working away. A magical experience to see these beautiful finished textiles emerging from the looms. Finally, a visit to the finishing rooms and groups of women working away carefully on the final touches of gathering, trimming and hand-tying each of the tassels.



100% Turkish Cotton



250cm x 185cm


Looking after me …

  •  Wash with similar colours at 30º
  •  Do not dry clean

 Take a look at our Care Guide here for more tips and advice about looking after your blankets and throws




We think our Zincir Blankets and Throws are great for...                   

  • Beach rug                                                                            
  • Camping rug                    
  • Picnic rug                    
  • Caravan holidays 
  • Sofa throw
  • Bed cover
  • Door and window curtains  
  • Wall hanging
  • Wedding, house-warming or birthday gift


Important information 

Because our Turkish blankets and throws are hand woven you may occasionally find tiny thread pulls and knots in the fabric. This is because during the weaving process threads sometimes catch in the loom and the weavers simply snip the loop and then either push the loose threads back into the weave or knot them up. At Pazaar we think this all adds to the character and uniqueness of each of our blankets and throws….no one blanket is the same as the other. We endeavour to check all our products before we send them out to customers, but very occasionally a little knot or pulled thread will slip by us. If this happens and you want to return or exchange your throw this is absolutely fine. Please read through the Pazaar Returns Guidance here and we will be more than happy to exchange your blanket and throw.