Scarves & Wraps

We think our peshtemals work beautifully as scarves, shawls and wraps. So we won't pretend.....our peshtemals are our Turkish towels and they are also our scarves, shawls and wraps.

Pazaar peshtemals have become a firm favourite with our customers wanting a big wrap around scarf or shawl. The beautiful textured cotton and generous length makes them perfect for wrapping around ....and then wrapping around again! The fun begins in deciding how to wear it .... should I fold it, loop it once or twice, tie it, let it hang loose, or go for the classic pull through ?

In this section of Pazaar we have put together a selection of our favourite peshtemal scarves and wraps.  If you are feeling really 'scarf-inspired',  don't be limited by our choices.....feel free to take a peek at our range of peshtemals & Turkish Towels here