Bubble Hand Towel

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Bubble Hand Towel

These are our ‘Bubble’ hand towels ...... & I have to say it was love at first sight. With their gorgeous bright colours and bubbly texture .....what’s not to love !

Venturing away from the traditional turkish peshtemal, our Bubble towels are not a flat weave.... but a looped weave. In fact, they are more like what we know as a terry towel or ‘havlu’ as they are known in Turkey. Inspired by the handwoven peshtemals, they have the texture and design of a turkish towel and beautifully hand twisted tassels. A perfect partner for our big 'Bubble' bath towels ...they add a lovely splash of colour to any bathroom.

A bit about the history of ‘havlu’ - the indispensable terry towel that we all know and love..... 
‘Havlu’  means ‘with loops’ in Turkish and quite simply describes the looped weave used to achieve the textured terry towel fabric. The terry towel that we all know and love, was first brought to the UK from Turkey in the 1850s by the famous towel company W.M Christy & Sons Ltd. A long established manufacturer of household linens and the inventor of the first industrially produced looped cotton, Christy’s son discovered peshtemals while travelling in Istanbul. He worked with Turkish weavers to develop the method for weaving the looped pile fabric that we now know as terry towelling. The first Christy towel factory opened in 1850.



100% Turkish Cotton 


91cm x 45cm  


Machine Washable. 

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Looking after me...

  • Wash with similar colours at 30º

  • Do not dry clean

We think our Bubble towels are perfect for...

  • Swimming
  • The gym                    
  • The beach                    
  • Bathroom                                     
  • Wedding, birthday, christmas  or new home  gift



Important information 


Because our Turkish towels are hand woven you may occasionally find tiny thread pulls and knots in the fabric. This is because during the weaving process, threads sometimes catch in the loom and the weavers simply snip the loop and then either push the loose threads back into the weave or knot them up.

The thread for our towels is hand dyed in batches.  This means that shade matches for each towel batch woven may vary slightly. As a result there may sometimes be a slight shade difference between the photo of the towel and the product ordered.  At Pazaar we think this all adds to the character and uniqueness of each of our peshtemal….no one peshtemal is the same as the other.

We endeavour to check all our products before we send them out to customers, but very occasionally a little knot or pulled thread will slip by us. If this happens and you want to return or exchange your peshtemal this is absolutely fine. Please read through the Pazaar Returns Guidance here and we will be more than happy to exchange your peshtemal.