About Us

Three years living in Turkey introduced us to many new and wonderful experiences. What started out as a one-year adventure travelling and living in Southern Turkey, turned into three years as we fell in love with all things Turkish; the people, the language, the landscape, food, culture and lifestyle. One of the highlights was discovering inspirational and beautiful Turkish products for the home: amazing handwoven blankets, rugs and throws, traditional Turkish towels (peshtemal, hammam or fouta towels), the Turkish çay samovar (tea maker), the soba (log burning stove), wooden gözleme (pancake) tables, orange/pomegranate juicers, tiffin tins, wooden biscuit moulds, Turkish lamps and lanterns and olive oil soap all quickly became features in our own home there.               

When we eventually arrived back in the UK, we were shortly followed by a shipment of thirty two boxes of all our favourite Turkish belongings. I have to confess we couldn’t choose which of our collection of Turkish towels, rugs and throws to bring back….so they all came back! These have all now become an indispensable part of our home and life here in the UK.

So, this is where the idea for Pazaar emerged. Since our return to the UK, friends and family have visited us and we’ve shared our stories and experiences of life in Turkey. They have all left wanting their own handmade Turkish towel, handwoven throw, gözleme pancake table or olive oil soap, and the idea of sharing our experiences and creating our own Turkish market emerged.

Why are we called Pazaar?

Our inspiration for the name Pazaar came from the word pazar, the Turkish word for market, and the English word bazaar, which originates from the Persian word bāzār and is a Middle Eastern street market. Markets are an integral part of daily life in Turkey and are valuable community networks for the exchange of local goods, culture and information. So, Pazaar is our Turkish street market; an opportunity to share our favourite Turkish products with you and exchange some information and stories about them along the way. 

How will we develop Pazaar? 

Our plan is to develop Pazaar in small steps, gradually introducing new products and information as we develop and grow our network of Pazaar partners in Turkey. To start with, a focus on traditional Turkish handwoven textiles; peştemal and hammam towels, sofa throws and blankets or pike (pee-kay) as they are called in Turkey.

Traditional Products 

We are committed to supporting and working with textile ateliers and craft makers who are sustaining and promoting traditional Turkish skills and whose family businesses often go back many generations. With modern technology, mass-production manufacturing and the recent financial pressures in Turkey, it is becoming much harder for these businesses to maintain their traditional craft techniques and for these small businesses to survive. This means our products are often made in small batches, and stock availability can be short lived and unpredictable. So bear with us, if we don't have what you want in stock, we will keep you informed and will do our best to source what you want. In our experience, our Turkish partners will bend over backwards to fulfil our orders. If we can't source what you want, then we hope there is enough choice in our range to choose something different from our range.  

We are learning as we grow

This is the start of our Pazaar journey, it's already been a steep learning curve and we are learning every day as we develop the business. Keeping our website up-to-date and providing a good customer service is really important to us, so if you have any problems or notice an error, we would be grateful if you would let us know.

We love getting your ideas and comments 

If you are interested in what we are doing, we’d love to hear from you, so do write to us here with your comments and suggestions. Maybe you have a favourite Turkish product that you think should be in our shop, or some information or a story from Turkey that you would like to share.

We are in Turkey regularly to identify new products, and through this we are developing an amazing network of textile and craft producers to source our different products. So, if there is something specific you would like us to track down for you from Turkey we are happy to arrange individual bespoke orders. Get in touch with us here  on our contact us page.

 Look forward to hearing from you